Factory of the Dead

Factory of the Dead is the LARGEST Haunted Attraction in the Tri-Cities with Fully Immersive Escape Games & the first UV-3D GellyBall arena in the country, Axe Throwing, Gift Shop and CarnEVIL of the Dead.

General Rules

  • DO NOT Smoke, Run, Eat, Drink Inside The Attraction
  • DO NOT Touch The Actors Or Props
  • ABSOLUTELY NO Video Or Flash Photography Inside The Attraction
  • NO SMOKING In Any Queue Line Or Attraction
  • NO ALCOHOL In Any Queue Line Or Attraction
  • NO DRUGS Of Any Kind On The Property
  • NO WEAPONS Of Any Kind On The Property
  • Line Jumping Will Result In Expulsion From The Attraction
  • Place-Holding Is Not Permitted
  • No Running Or Pushing
  • This Attraction Is Not Responsible For Lost Or Stolen Items
  • No Bags, Purses or Backpacks Allowed
  • No Costumes allowed
  • Proper shoes are necessary – flip flops, sandals or high heals are not recommended
  • Absolutely NO Cell Phones
  • You CANNOT use your Cell Phone for LIGHT
  • Any Assault on our Actors or Monster will result in Legal Action
  • If you endanger our Actors or Monsters, you will be ejected from the attraction without refund
  • If any of the guidelines cannot be followed, you will be ejected from the attraction without refund
  • We reserve the right to eject you from this attraction at any time for for any reason, without refund
  • It will be dark!
  • There will be Strobes, Low Lighting and Fog
  • There will be Increases and Decreases in the Floor
  • Laser Pointers are NOT Permitted
  • LED or Bulb Flash Lights are NOT Permitted
  • Do Not Bring In Large Purses, Backpacks, Masks Or Costumes. You Will Be Asked To Take Them Back To Your Vehicle.

WARNING This Attractions Has:

  • Intense Audio
  • Lighting Effects
  • Extreme Low Visibility
  • Strobe Lights
  • Fog & Mist
  • Damp or Wet Floors
  • Moving Floors
  • An Overall Physically Demanding Environment


  • You suffer from Asthma
  • You have Heart Conditions
  • You are prone to Seizures
  • Have any Anxiety Disorders
  • You suffer from Physical Ailments
  • Have Respiratory Conditions
  • You suffer from Claustrophobia.
  • You suffer from Mental Illness
  • You suffer from any Medical Problems
  • You are Intoxicated
  • You are wearing any form of cast
  • You are wearing a Medical Brace
  • You are using Crutches
  • You have any Physical Limitations
  • You are taking any Medications
  • You are using Drugs of Any Type

Box Office

  • Absolutely NO Refunds
  • Purchase at your own Risk
  • Duplicate Tickets will be Destroyed without Refund
  • We Accept Cash Only
  • ATM Available Nearby
  • We Accept: __Visa, __MasterCard, __AE, __DiscoverCard,
  • Tickets are not Transferable
  • DO NOT Lose or Misplace your Ticket
  • We are NOT Responsible for Lost or Stolen Tickets
  • If you lose your Ticket, you will need to purchase another one at full price.
  • Coupons cannot be combined with any other Deals, Discounts or Offers
  • Not Recommended For Children Under Under The Age Of 12
  • We DO NOT offer Refunds If Children get too scared to enter.
  • Your Ticket Is A Revocable License And May Be Taken And Admissions Refused Without Refund
  • This Attraction reserves The Right To Refuse Admission To Anyone For Any Reason
  • Ticket Holder Understands That There Is Inherent Risk Involved With Attending This Attraction
  • Ticket Holder Voluntarily Assumes ALL Risks And Dangers Associated With Participation Of This Attraction
  • Tampered Wristbands may be Revoked

Factory of the Dead

906 Lapeer Ave
Saginaw, MI 48607