Your group MUST have a scheduled spot in the virtual queue AND valid tickets to enter Factory of the Dead. Please only have one person from your group schedule your Virtual Queue Line time.


Buy tickets to Factory of the Dead. If you are coming with a group, only one person MUST join the Virtual Queue Line.


Join the Virtual Queue Line for Factory of the Dead. Scheduling your place in line now or once you arrive.

Pick Your Date & Time!
We have variable pricing depending on the day your group would like to attend Factory of the Dead this Halloween season.

Buy Your Tickets!
Everyone in your group can buy their own tickets separately, unless you are looking to get the Group Rate option and save money.

Choose A Group Leader! Select ONE person in your group to reserve your spot now in the Virtual Queue Line or join the Virtual Queue line when your group arrives.

Show Up 15 Minutes Early!
Try to show up at least 15 minutes early & stay in your car. You'll get a text message when its your time to enter the Attraction Line.


The Virtual Queue Line is a waiting list that allows groups to enter the outdoor attraction line. We will be running at limited capacity and be social distancing, the virtual Queue allows us to accomplish this goal.

You can wait in the comfort of your vehicle rather than stand for long periods of time.

The Attraction Line is the line that your group will enter once it is your groups time to enter the attraction.

We will have barrels set up every 12 feet so that your group may social distance. Each time a group enters the building, everyone will move up to the next barrel closer to the entrance.

It is not recommended to wait to purchase your tickets. We can only sell a certain amount of tickets each half hour. Time slots will sell out and you my have to wait to visit on another day.

Their is no guarantee that you tickets will be available on the day you wish to visit if you wait to purchase tickets. 

The Ticket booth will be open but we DO NOT ADVISE buying tickets onsite. Time slots will fill up quick and you may not be able to get a ticket. The Virtual Queue Line could be long and you may need to wait in your car for a while or leave and come back later that night.

We cannot guarantee that you will enter the haunted house the night you come if you purchase your tickets onsite, the virtual queue might bump you to the next open slot on the next day we are open.  

Yes. You can order from our concessions menu from our website and pay with a credit card at check out. Once we have your order, we will bring it out to you in your car. Please wear a face covering when we get to your vehicle.

We will be projecting videos on the side of our building while you wait in your vehicle. You can also tune your radio station to 103.1 once you are in the parking to hear Factory of the Dead Radio. 


You CANNOT enter our Outdoor Attraction Line or be admitted into the Haunted House without a face covering!

Face Coverings MUST cover your nose and mouth. You may NOT let your face covering hang under your chin. All Face Coverings are subject to approval by our staff upon entry. If you do not have a face covering, you may purchase on from us at the entrance.

If at ANYTIME, you or anyone in your group is caught not wearing a face covering properly, your ENTIRE group will be asked to leave the property without a refund. We have a ZERO Tolerance Policy. No Warnings will be given once you enter the property.